Prepare for FantasticSwap IDO launch!

2 min readMar 2, 2022

The FantasticSwap IDO is set and ready to go!

Why FantasticSwap needs an IDO?

As an AMM DEX on the novel Evmos network, FantasticSwap will distribute its own governance token $FANTA to incentivize liquidity providers, to add sufficient liquidity for our various DEX pools. We will give $FANTA an initial price at launch and add the first liquidity pool $FANTA/$UST (or another stablecoin like $USDC). And we hope to reward extra bonus to early community participants and investors, since they willingly take the risk to contribute to FantasticSwap’s launch. Ultimately, we decide to launch the FantasticSwap IDO.

Prepare for FantasticSwap IDO!

The dev team is making great efforts to implement the IDO contract and frontend UI. For those in our community still looking to whitelist, there are abundant slots left!

Allocation details are as follows:

  • Allocation: 5,000,000 $FANTA
  • Target: $100,000
  • Price: $0.02 per $FANTA
  • Limit per whitelisted wallet: 10,000 $FANTA (that is $200)
  • $FANTA from IDO can be claimed 24 hours after launch ending
  • FantasticSwap will host 2,500,000 $FANTA at $0.04 with $100,000 UST initial liquidity immediately after launch ending

IDO launch schedule

The FantasticSwap IDO will be hosted in two days with two phases:

  • Whitelisted Sale (2022/03/<xx> 06:00 UTC — 2022/03/<xx+1> 05:59 UTC)

During this phase participants that have been whitelisted will be eligible to purchase up to their maximum allocated $FANTA (10,000 $FANTA, worth $200)

  • Public Sale (2022/03/<xx+1> 06:00 UTC — 2022/03/<xx+2> 05:59 UTC)

During this phase all participants will be eligible to purchase $FANTA. The $FANTA will follow the same lockup details as above.

Note: <xx> means the start day of launch is TBD, but it should be some day after Evmos mainnet is launched.

A note on security concerns

With recent concerns around projects that have launched in the space, we wanted to take a moment to address this and outline the methods surrounding the launch of FantasticSwap.

The IDO itself is all run by the deployed contracts and all processes are run by the code in the contract. This means the team has no way to extract funds from the contract. Post-Launch and the 24 hour lock-up, the contract will add the first liquidity pool $FANTA/$UST with the funds, and transfer the LP token to the treasury multisig wallet (so no one individual has access over the funds).

We encourage and are happy for others to review these contracts, if there are any concerns, please contact us on our Discord.

We are excited to enter into our launch phase and delighted that you can all join us.